March 2, 2024

Topicals: A Fresh Perspective on Branding, Social Impact, and Self-Expression

Olamide Olowe, the visionary founder of Topicals, is making waves with a brand that goes beyond skincare. With a unique approach to branding and a commitment to social impact, Topicals has become a standout player in the market. Let's explore what sets them apart and what other brands can learn from their innovative strategies.

Seamless Branding: More Than Just Skincare

Topicals emerged on the scene months ago, but it wasn't until their "Detty December" Ghana brand trip that consumers on TikTok truly connected with the product. The founder, Olamide Olowe, has successfully crafted a seamless and relatable brand image. By incorporating lifestyle elements into their branding strategy, Topicals transcends the traditional boundaries of skincare.

The "Detty December" campaign, featuring content from their Ghana trip, allowed consumers to see the product in a real-world context. This fresh take on branding not only showcases the product but also creates a narrative that resonates with their audience, turning customers into loyal fans.

Social Impact: More Than Just Beauty

Topicals doesn't stop at providing effective skincare; they've also committed to making a positive impact on the world. A standout initiative is their decision to donate proceeds from the lip balm to the Palestinian Children Relief Fund. This move not only aligns with a worthy cause but also resonates with their socially aware audience, especially the younger demographic.

In an era where consumers prioritize brands that stand for something beyond profit, Topicals sets an example for integrating social responsibility into the core of their business. This commitment not only reflects a genuine concern for global issues but also fosters a deeper connection with consumers who value purpose-driven brands.

Celebrating Self-Expression: A Dance with Individuality

Topicals took a bold step in celebrating self-expression by collaborating with the movement artist and founder of MBS Collective for a pole dance class. This unique collaboration, held in December to mark the launch of their new Slick Salve balm, goes beyond traditional beauty standards. It embraces diversity and individuality, encouraging people to express themselves in unconventional ways.

By breaking away from the conventional norms associated with skincare brands, Topicals sends a powerful message – beauty is diverse, and self-expression is limitless. This move not only adds a layer of authenticity to their brand but also positions them as advocates for embracing one's unique identity.

What Other Brands Can Learn

Topicals' success story provides valuable lessons for other startups and established brands alike:

  1. Create a Lifestyle Narrative: Beyond showcasing the product, build a narrative that resonates with your target audience's lifestyle. This connection can turn casual consumers into devoted brand advocates.
  2. Embed Social Impact: Consider integrating a social impact initiative into your business model. Consumers appreciate brands that contribute to causes they care about, creating a sense of shared values.
  3. Embrace Diversity and Individuality: Challenge traditional beauty norms and celebrate diversity. Collaborate with voices that represent a spectrum of identities, fostering inclusivity and self-expression.

In the ever-evolving landscape of branding, Topicals and Olamide Olowe stand as an inspiring example of how a fresh perspective can redefine success. By seamlessly blending lifestyle, social impact, and self-expression, Topicals has not only created effective skincare but also a brand experience that transcends the ordinary.

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